19. 10. 2012

new blog

Hello everyone,

few weeks ago I started working for a new blog called Lososs. It brings posts of stylish clothing daily, while each day is dedicated to a specific category. You can also find links where the clothing is available to buy. Please, go and have a look at www.lososs.com, spread the message and visit us regularly!


1. 3. 2012


Dear everyone, 
recently I have been posting my laptop sleeves. I have started my small business with original handmade sleeves as I believe our laptops deserve to be dressed up and to be part of our outfit. As we change handbags, why don't we do it with laptop sleeves too? ;)

Here is a link on my FB page. If you like my sleeves, please, follow and you won't miss any! 

Thanks a lot for your support,