17. 10. 2011


Hello everyone, I didnt post anything last week as I had some personal issues, but luckily Im back. I love that website Instructables.com, they regularly send me a newsletter. Today I have found this child wearing a Halloween costume of toilet. I dont know. It makes me confused. I dont like those princess stuff on girls, on the other hand I like when people can make fun of themselves, but I dont know. Yes, the idea is original and the toilet is well made, but probably I would never put a toilet on my babygirl. Go and make your own opinion...

I love when people are inventive and its sometimes very useful to get inspired by those DIY ideas. I also love this stylish cheap-to-do chair :)

Ok, thats it from me today. I would also like to see some interesting/funny/awkward DIY ideas and inspirations YOU found, so if you post a link in comments, I would be more than happy! :)

I missed my blog!

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